Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shades of Luz Goes Kindle

If you can't bea'mt then join'm. Words to live by. I guess it's perfect that Shades of Luz Kindle is born on the Fourth of July. It's like revolutionary idea meets revolutionary idea. That's a kind of mimesis for you Greek-o-philes.

The truth is I'm happy that folks will get a chance to read my book on the cheap. So you must realzie I didn't get into this writing racket to make mad mullah. It's kind of a grueling, arduous pursuit with the fringe benefit of being able to smell my ink in print. That last line is kind of pilfered from Steve Almond's short story "My Life in heavy Metal" but it hammers home the key point of one of the big benefits of getting the printed word out there, the hope that somebody will read it.

Indeed, technology is making it possible to read much more stuff, cheaper, and in all kinds of ways. Readaholics should be nust about it and they are. Let me be the first to send you to my Shades of Luz Kindle page. You don't have to pick up a copy of the book. Just browse, window shop whatever floats your boat, but don't tell my publisher All Things That Matter Press that I said that. I still would like them to take a look at my future type-written diatribes.

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