Friday, January 8, 2010

Friends & Followers

Before I go about giving any Shades of Luz updates I’d first like to thank writer/ media pro Bridget Hopper for letting me join her Friends and Followers on Book Blogs. Bridget you seem to be a real dynamo and a coalition-builder and that works for me.

The beauty about social-networking is that gives you marketing leverage that would have required any army-sized staff in the pre-blogger days. Nobody really can accurately quantify the net returns on all the networking being done, but it sure can’t hurt building a readership. Wouldn’t you agree?

As for me, I am now in the gorgeous coastal town Seaside in Oregon finally tying the knot on my MFA in Creative Writing at Pacific University. To say that I’ve kicked up my writing quality a mucho-notch is not only an understatement, but s downright lie. I will now try the herculean juggling task of prepping my critical introduction spiel and my scheduled reading, keep the buzz going with Shades of Luz, and also make headway on an A-1 top-secret writing project. More news to follow.

1 comment:

  1. Say hi to Seaside for me! I miss it like an old friend...

    Would love to read your thesis. What's your critical intro all about?

    A-1 top-secret writing project...come tell!