Monday, December 14, 2009

Gorman Rocks The Cell

Forget the near monsoon that opened on Gotham City yesterday the turnout for my Shades of Luz reading at The Cell Theater was peachy keen.

This time around I read a thumb-wrestling scene. Why not? Frankly, I've grown a bit tired of the wine snobbery, love scenes, and whatnot. I wanted to share the coolness of hand to hand combat. Jen Ochs of NY Book Cafe and the Examiner recently described the thumb-wrestling in"Shades of Luz" as comparable to an MMA competition. Maybe so. The crowd got a kick out of Bald Bull, Glass Joe, Slippery Slim, and Benny dodging, parrying, and sneak-attacking.

Benny Fluke victorious at least for this chapter.

New stuff on the horizon. I will be putting together some reading lists for online book catalogs and web zines.

"Bones Brigade" which was originally published by Mississippi Review back in 2006 will be re-released by Shalla Magazine.


  1. John-you are doing a great job promoting a great book. Love the picture above.

  2. Thanks a bunch. Trying to keep hope alive. There's a few novel contests I'm going to enter Shades into. More to follow.