Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shades of Luz Website Gets Facelift

At the behest of some astute marketing and PR folks I decided to change the background color and font on my website. It a thousand times more readable now. In fact, the color scheme much better too. I don't know if you can talk in terms on Feng Shui with regards to cyber furniture, but there's this way better vibe.

Also, included is a excerpt from the chapter "A Girl Named Luz, A Hippo Named Cyclopes." This should draw readers in or turn them off. Who knows? But, I want to share a bit of the book before people plunk down their hard-earned ducats for the libro.

Might alternate excerpts every so often. To make it more fun.

Check back for new gadgets and webfetti and of course- Author on the Loose scoop.

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